Studio Babel

The photos are gorgeous! I personally can't stand myself in photos and felt a little stress before receiving the photos - whether my self-loathing and self-criticism would spoil my enjoyment of them - but it turned out to be completely unnecessary! I don't know how you did it but these are the most beautiful photos ever! (okay, I know how, you're just AWESOME at what you do :D) Watching them I can totally relive the emotions that accompanied EVERYONE on the wedding day! Completely no pretense, captured details, just beautiful! I've always been jealous looking through other people's session photos that they came out so great and dreamed that one day I could admire my own in the same way - and I don't have to anymore! My photos taken by you are the most beautiful!!! Thank you so much for being with us on this most important day. <3 Dziękujemy i za zdjęcia, i za Waszą cierpliwość do nas i naszych "wujków i ciotek", i za Waszą dobrą energię którą wszystkich zarażaliście :D Wybór Was jako fotografów był był najlepszym jaki mogliśmy dokonać! Jesteście totalnie najlepsi!!! I mam ogromną nadzieję że jeszcze się spotkamy na jakiejś sesji ;) I jeszcze po raz setny- DZIĘKUJEMY za uchwycenie tych wyjątkowych dla nas chwil i możliwość oglądania i przeżywania emocji na nowo! <3
Magda & Kamil
Before I wrote to you, I looked at the pictures on the website. It seemed to me that I felt what you were doing, I understood it and that's what I wanted. And you know what, I wasn't wrong. Except maybe for one detail: our photos are the most beautiful of all the ones I've seen of you. They are simply amazing. They are vibrant, full of air, light, joyful, natural, real, there is life, energy in them. I can't stop looking at them. When I look at these pictures, this is exactly how I would like to see myself. We are delighted, touched and full of admiration for your talent.
Elena & Łukasz
it is possible to convey so faithfully with photographs the emotions and feelings that accompanied our event. Gabi, Paul - these are not photos, these are 1,500 memories that we will return to more often than one might think. Thank you. Another thank you is for the atmosphere you created among the guests, how you were able to mobilise them and above all - how many smiles you brought to their faces. They are still asking us "how are things with Gabrysia and Paweł"? Thank you! We couldn't have dreamed of better photographers and better memories, which we also created that day thanks to you.
Karolina & Szymon
hank you so much, the photos are great! I tend to be grim-faced, but with such Photographers you can't help but smile at the pictures 😉 we are glad we came across you 😉 we will recommend you!
Ola & Kuba
The best photographic duo you can find. Gabrysia is a real element of energy, she can change lenses running around you and explaining how to position herself. Pawel is a bastion of calm, prepared all the time, before you think you'd like a shot like this he's probably already done it and is planning the next one. The result is a wide cross-section of style and dynamic shots with great depth. Despite the light rain, this didn't stop them from capturing some really beautiful shots of the crowded Main Square in Krakow. They were at our wedding from start to finish and even longer than agreed. They delivered a lot more photos than we agreed and the quality was so high that even after a harsh selection with the bride's raw eye, there were still.... further more than agreed 😀 Full professionalism, active all the time and at the same time very discreet in their actions. Recommend to all friends as the only right option
Grzegorz & Katia
I wholeheartedly recommend Studio Babel. I wanted a lot of photos in different shots, both for the website and for posts. I received several hundred photos on disk. SEVERAL HUNDRED. Each with a unique vibe. On top of that, the couple are super-sympathetic people who listen to my needs and are very efficient when it comes to contact, which I also wanted.
We are 100% satisfied. Punctual, friendly and most importantly very professional. Photos in super quality and in great quantity. Worth recommending.
Karolina & Mariusz
Gabrysia and Paul are great! We decided to work with them because of the extremely atmospheric photos and interesting frames we found in their portfolio. We met at the engagement session, preceding the wedding reportage, we also did an outdoor wedding session with them - at every stage the contact was seamless, quick and efficient and they were professional. Gabrysia and Paul are very friendly and made us find our way in front of the lens quickly. They were also able to work fantastically with the wedding guests, our mums were delighted 😉 Discreet and very efficient, thanks to them we have a beautiful keepsake and a whole lot of great photos. We 100% recommend Studio Babel!!!
Maja & Piotrek
Dears, you are wonderful 🙂 you created the most beautiful memento of our dream day for us. You made this day even better. Thank you also for being with us not only as our photographers but also as our witnesses. The photos are gorgeous, I've looked at them probably 10 times already and can't get enough of them so far. You are wonderful, kind people and we are very happy that it was you who were with us. I don't even know how to thank you.
Magda & Tomek